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Ms. Laura’s Daycare is a family in home daycare. What makes Ms Laura's Daycare different?  It feels more like home than a daycare to families. I have been blessed to have families to stay with daycare from infants to Pre K. I take great pride being a daycare provider. Teaching children mannerisms, discipline, respect, love, academics. Teaching about Jesus Christ through stories, praying, devotion time to our children. Making families feel welcome, love, respect, kindness. 

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8 a
m - 5:30 pm 

Saturday Afternoon Services

 2 pm - 8 pm 

Saturday Overnight 

7 pm-9 am

JSU Game Daycare

11 am-7 pm


Ms. Laura’s Daycare 


North Jackson 


601- 351-9046

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