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Communication with infants and toddlers should start immediately. It’s essential for the overall development of infants & toddlers. Having conversations, floor time, reading, pretend play, music, and painting contribute to many stages of development. I do my best to make sure they are receiving those skills daily to encourage healthy growth and development.



We encourage our toddlers to express their thoughts and feelings with words. We want them to be independent and enhance their curiosity by exploring their environment.  We also promote sharing, using kind words, and respecting others daily. Puzzles, handwriting, music, painting, imagination play, and social skills development to name a few are all incorporated in their daily activities.

Our Approach

Families leave their love ones with us because we are an honest and trustworthy Christian environment that is honored to support their child's growth and development. We are prideful on teaching, loving, protecting, and nourishing each child's growth and  development.



My daughter began going to Ms. Laura in 2015 when she was 7 months old. From the beginning, there were never any negative signs. Ms. Laura loved my baby like she was her own. I began to watch my baby flourish and achieve milestones before normal babies would. Ms. Laura provided so many learning opportunities that the parents could take home to do with their child. She constantly pushed them to new academic possibilities when they learned something new, and encouraged them with prizes and praise. Ms. Laura is fair, transparent, and above all, she is kind and honest. Ms. Laura will love and protect your child, so if you are the type of parent that gets anxiety when leaving your little one; have no worries. Ms. Laura will make your mind feel at ease. :) Ms. Laura has truly been a blessing to my baby and my family. My daughter has grown to love Ms. Laura so much that she still wants to go to school on the weekends. Without a doubt, Ms. Laura is the ABSOLUTE best decision any parent could make when choosing a safe, loving, and caring place for child care.

The Hall Family

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